Welcome to Hale Allotments Society

We have two allotment sites in Hale, one at Moss Lane/Golf Road (main entrance is behind the football ground) and one at Wellfield Lane. Please see the contacts page for location and directions for both sites. Moss Lane/Golf Rd has 75 plots of which 8 are 3/4 plots, and has 108 members. Wellfield Lane has 50 plots and 74 members.


Moss Lane/Golf Rd

Wellfield Lane

Hale Allotment Society history

Hale Allotment Society was founded in 1923. The land at Moss Lane (then part of Hale Moss) had been purchased by the Council from the Stamford Estate in 1917 to home the football club, and the allotments were laid out on the eastern side. On the 6 November 1923 Hale Urban District Council transferred the management and administration of the Allotments to Hale Allotments Society Ltd.

At the time there were around 650 allotment plots in the local area with sites at:

  • Nursery Avenue,
  • Hill Top,
  • Murieston Road,
  • South Road,
  • High Carr,
  • Heath Road
  • And Moss Lane / Golf Road


On 6 September 1924, Hale Allotment Society and Altrincham Allotments Association held a joint show in Altrincham Market Hall. So prestigious was the show that the local MP, Mr P Alstead agreed to present the prizes. At this time, such was the importance of Hale Allotments Society that they had had their own representative on the Council.

Also in 1924 Heath Road was sold off for building and in 1925 South Road suffered the same fate. Later, in 1939 the sites at Moss and Golf Road had been earmarked by the Council as playing fields for Stamford Park and Bradbury Schools. Thankfully these plans fell through, possibly because of the outbreak of WW2.

At the Committee Meeting held Thursday 30th May 1970 a letter was read out from Hale Urban District Council expressing regret that due to lack of funds they were unable to provide allotments on Orchard Drive Hale (Adjacent to the King George: formerly the Moss). However 7.2 acres of land had been acquired at Wellfield Lane, to be used for recreational purposes. As this land had originally been used for market gardens it was suggested that part of the land could be used for allotments. Notices were displayed in Hale Barns and Hale asking interested parties to determine the amount of land to be made available. And so at this time the Wellfield Lane site was formed.