2017 Plot Competitions

Judging Criteria 2017


Individual Plot Competition


Individual plots will be judged using the following systems and guidelines:-


Cultivation & Cropping


The underlying philosophy which governs the marks is to encourage the plot holder to provide a source of fresh vegetables and fruit.


  • A varied range of produce
  • Seasonal produce (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring cropping)
  • Soft fruits (pruning and harvesting)
  • Herbs
  • Companion planting and flowers (not compulsory)
  • Successive planting
  • Quality of crops (clean, healthy crops, free from pests and disease)




  • Plot needs to be free from perennial and annual weeds
  • Free from rubbish
  • Neat and tidy compost bins and manure areas




  • Use of water butts and compost areas
  • No excessive use of chemicals and pesticides




  • Paths – neatly maintained, grass well cut and free of weeds and rubbish
  • Hardcore paths should be weed free without a neglected fringe
  • Hedges and fences, cut and well maintained
  • Buildings (sheds, greenhouses, polytunnels) – the quality and condition


Trafford Council Environmental Award

Trafford Allotments judging is from Thursday 6 July


Plots should be maintained to the same standard and criteria as the individual plots and have additional criteria and features:-


  • Non-use of chemicals and pesticides (organic slug pellets are not allowed)
  • Biodiversity – planting for the benefit of pollinating insects and bees and other wildlife
  • Bird boxes, ladybird and insect boxes, wormeries, ponds, hedgehog habitat, butterfly gardens (not compulsory but beneficial)
  • Use of water butts
  • Companion planting


Entry Form for Environmental Award 2017


Site Criteria For Best Site In Each Area

In addition to the allotment plot competition, allotment sites are judged on:-


  • Cleanliness of site
  • Communal areas well maintained
  • Communal compost/manure/woodchip areas well maintained
  • Well maintained plots
  • Well maintained fences and walls
  • Well maintained buildings
  • Neat and tidy pathways and drives
  • All plots numbered

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