Annual Show 2017 Entry Form and Rules

Hale Allotments Society 25th Annual Show will take place on 2 September 2017 at the Scout Hut, Lilac Road, Hale WA15 8BJ

If you are a member and would like to enter, please download an entry form and exhibitor’s copy.


Mike Hilton (show judge) talking to the Kewleys with Martin Howell looking on

Mike Hilton (show judge) talking to the Kewleys with Martin Howell looking on at the 2015 show



  1. Entries only on official form – to be submitted NO LATER than 9.00 p.m. Thursday before the show.
  2. One entry only in any class.
  3. No entries will be accepted on the day of the show.
  4. All produce must have been grown by the member on his/her own plot except classes 20-24 and 26-32 when grown at home. Young Gardeners Classes are exempt.
  5. With the exception of all flower classes and salad baskets all exhibits must be correctly named. If the exhibitor does not know the name of any cultivar the label should bear the words “Name Unknown”. The judge may regard the correctness and clearness of naming as telling in favour of an exhibit in a close competition.
  6. No bought produce allowed.
  7. Exhibits will be shown at the designated place.
  8. Exhibitors will be responsible for their own vases etc..
  9. The Society will not be responsible for any exhibit or for staging same.
  10. THE JUDGES DECISION IS FINAL Any objections must be in writing and handed to the Chairman/Chairlady who will investigate and report to the Committee who will then rule.


The show will be open for staging from 11.00 a.m.

All exhibits must be staged by 12.30 p.m. at the latest.
The show will be open for viewing from approximately 3.45 p.m.
Thank you for entering and good luck!

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