Non-Cultivation Process

Trafford MBC Recommended Procedure For Non Cultivation/Notice To Quit Letters

  1. The site committee and secretary arrange a visit to inspect the site; some sites have monthly or quarterly inspections carried out by their committee.
  2. On some site before Allotment officer sends out a non-cultivation letter, the Committee and/or secretary will speak to or send out a letter to the tenant/s whose plots aren’t cultivated.
  3. Once the site has been inspected, non-cultivation letters are then sent out. This gives the plot holder 21 days to start cultivating their plot or inform the Committee they have given plot up. Photo of plot taken.
  4. If after 21 days, no work or very little has been done, a Notice to Quit is issued.  If there is a reasonable explanation why the plot isn’t being worked i.e. ill health, family problems, etc. the plot holder will automatically be given an extended period of time to clear the plot. When a Notice to Quit is issued it is sent and one calendar month is given to clear site of all belongings.
  5. Notice to Quit – Once this notice has been issued, the tenant is given a calendar month to clear the site of all of their possessions.
  6. Once the Notice to Quit becomes effective, the person that is next on the waiting list is offered the plot.
  7. A number of times the tenant suddenly starts to work the plot after this notice has been issued. (If this is the first time a notice has been issued some leniency is given)
  8. If a tenant does start to cultivate the plot to a satisfactory standard, they are monitored monthly by the site committee/site secretary.
  9. If after the first Non Cultivation letter is rescinded and the plot once again becomes neglected, the tenant is automatically issued a Notice to Quit.